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“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. ” 1 Peter 4:10

Hi, I am Amanda!

In short, I am a flower-holic, passionate about creating and being creative.

In long, I was born and raised in Cape Town but spent most of my young life (well what I can remember) in the Koue Bokkeveld and Tankwa Karoo with my Dad and his side of the family. The smell of gravel roads, fynbos bushes and the sound of sheep bleating always take me back to a very happy place. I took a photo of one of the bushes at Kareekolk and the amazeballs Susan Brand created Kadou’s logo from it. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of what is important to me. Family, laughter, faith.

I worked in the legal sector for over 10 years, but my heart ached for more and God opened a humungous palace door. I am still learning but most of all, appreciating this creative life.

Who is your ideal client?

You are, yes you, reading this question right now! I sound just like that lady on informercials selling a six pack in 10 minutes , right? Seriously, my ideal client… The person who loves my work, who really sees my passion. Simple as that.

What is our creative process?

When it comes to being creative, I love going with the flow. The thing is, I work with living things. Beautiful flowers who each need their own stage, so when it comes to creating, I basically do what they want me to do. I love timber and linen. Styling has always been a passion and I feel the one cannot go without the other – beautiful florals and gorgeous styling.

I start with a colour palette and textures and built it out from there. I believe that a candle holder is just as important as a flower because everything you put onto a table or the surrounds of an installation will influence the final look. What I do is curated – every element has a purpose, it is sourced and placed to complement your florals and couple personality.

What sets you apart from the “competition”?

Kadou gives me not only a massive amount of joy but also purpose, it sets my soul on fire and it pushes my heart into a ministry of love. The creative hand of our Creator overwhelms me when I am surrounded by sweet scents and beautiful coloured blooms. Whether I am surrounded, creating or even admiring the works of my super talented peers I cannot be anything other than grateful for the beauty I get to experience daily.

It’s passion that drives Kadou, not competition!

20 Things you didnt know about me

  • My favourite food  is “Tamatie bredie” and it has to be made by my Tannie Marie;
  • I cant cook… at all! Luckily for me my husband loves to braai and going all Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen;
  • He is also super smart… still crossing fingers that any prospective kids will one day take after him;
  • We have two dachshunds (Kleintjie & Chorizo), they are my children and the rulers of the house;
  • Hello my name is Amanda, and I am a coffee-addict… for reals! ;
  • My “studio” is actually my garage, I love working from home so we make it work;
  • My favourite colour is terracotta… specially paired with emerald green;
  • I love my van and her name is Vossie;
  • I finished my articles, wrote my admissions exams but decided that the legal profession is just not meant for me. My area of expertise was property law, contracts and deceased estates;
  • I paint, aint no Irma Stern I might add, but I enjoy it!;
  • I am never as Afrikaans like when I am speaking English… does that make sense? Let’s just say I talk the tale deliciously;
  • My all-time favourite movie is Love Actually;
  • My favourite author is James Patterson;
  • I firmly believe that kindness is everything! It is like Maya Angelou says –  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ;
  • I LOVE “vellies” and I still want to do a course so that I can make my own leather goodies and sell on my very own online shop;
  • My mom taught me how to set and style the table, she unexpectedly passed away a few months ago and every time I start styling a tablescape I think of her;
  • I really dont like Pinterest, dont get me wrong, it’s great for getting your work out there… I guess I just wish every client will tell me “I love your work, do what you want!”;
  • My favourite textures for an arrangement is muddy tones of dried foliage, soft whites and mauve;
  • I have an amazeballs husband – not only does he listen to all of my crazy midnight brain waves, he carries buckets, collects flowers, have rad van-packing skills, feeds me (see point 2 above) and is super smart…. He is the love of my life!;
  • One question I get asked A LOT is what is my favourite flower – I love O’Hara roses but my all time favourite flower must be the dainty white cosmos flower.