Hi, I am Amanda!

In short, I love flowers, I love family and I love coffee.

In long, I was born and raised in Cape Town but spent most of my young life (well what I can remember) in the Koue Bokkeveld and Tankwa Karoo with my Dad and his side of the family. The smell of gravel roads, fynbos bushes and the sound of sheep bleating always take me back to a very happy place. Every time I look at that beautiful landscape, I am reminded of all the things I hold dear to my heart.  My Mom taught me to appreciate the art of setting a table, everything has meaning. From the linen, to the chairs, to the silverware. I carry her with me during each and every wedding.

I worked in the legal sector for over 10 years, but my heart ached for more and God opened a humungous palace door. I am still learning but most of all, appreciating this creative life.

Thank you for taking the time to appreciate my passion.

Love, A x

Who is your ideal client?

I love clients that love what we do, who believe in our methods and trust the KADOU process. I truly believe that floral design is an art form, putting together elements that can easily stand alone. It is also my first piece of advise to any prospective client, choose your floral artist with your heart… Floral design is a “heart-thing”, passion is a “heart-thing” and we want to share all of that with you. We pride ourselves in being different and we love our clients that choose us because of just that!

What is our creative process?

I start with a colour palette and textures and built it out from there. I believe that a candle holder is just as important as a flower because everything you put onto a table or the surrounds of an installation will influence the final look. What I do is curated – every element has a purpose, it is sourced and placed to complement your florals and couple personality.

After the quoting process has been finalised I then proceed with your design document, putting down visual illustrations for your wedding day – always keeping in mind that everything is just inspiration & not ever a “copy&paste” situation, we let the flowers tell us what they want to do on the day.

What sets you apart from the “competition”?

Kadou gives me not only a massive amount of joy but also purpose, it sets my soul on fire and it pushes my heart into a ministry of love. The creative hand of our Creator overwhelms me when I am surrounded by dried foliage, sweet scents and beautiful coloured blooms. Whether I am surrounded, creating or even admiring the works of my super talented peers I cannot be anything other than grateful for the beauty I get to experience daily.

It’s passion that drives Kadou, not competition!